Sorare is a soccer sports management simulation game on Ethereum. It allows you to buy NFT cards representing football players from all over the world, to manage your virtual team which is then ranked based on the performance of real players. You can earn rewards in $ETH as well as trade NFTs, with cards having different levels of rarity and therefore value. In the future, Sorare has expressed interest in expanding to other fantasy sports as well, for now, it is a great choice for those who already enjoy fantasy soccer.


Fantasy Football







Review (Pros and Cons)

  • + Very enjoyable fantasy football game that allows you to earn $ETH
  • + Thriving player community

  • – Niche game, requires commitment following real football so only enjoyable if you are a fan.

Is it worth playing? 

If you are a die-hard football fan, Sorare is definitely worth a try. Otherwise, not really. Those who enjoy fantasy football will find that this is more rewarding as the player cards have proven scarcity and you can trade them with people worldwide. 

Similar games

Sorare is a crypto NFT game like Fantasy Premier League. There aren’t many alternatives in the crypto space at present, but we are sure they will pop up – perhaps spanning to other sports like basketball, volleyball, and tennis. 

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