Gods Unchained is a trading card game with PvP battles (very) similar to Hearthstone. Players can choose between several “gods” to fight for, and can customize decks to build different strategies. Every new player starts with free starter decks and earns more cards as they play and level up. The rarer decks can only be earned by doing tournaments on the weekend. Cards are not tradeable by default but you can spend in-game rewards to “mint” card from the game into the blockchain and trade them on ImmutableX.

Gods Unchained Info Sheet


Trading Card Game


Ethereum ImmutableX





Review (Pros and Cons)

  • + Fun game
  • + You get incentives to play with different decks for each god, which adds variety
  • + Entirely free to play, no need to purchase cards although options are available

  • – A bit too similar to Hearthstone
  • – Not easy to turn profits unless you play a lot or get your hands on rare cards

Is it worth playing?

Absolutely. Gods Unchained is a solid game with a great community that’ll keep you busy for weeks regardless of whether you are in it for the gains or just want to have fun. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to connect a wallet or deal with NFTs or any crypto stuff in order to enjoy this game, which makes it easy to just start playing as you would with a regular videogame (Gods Unchained is free to download and play).

Similar games

Gods Unchained is an NFT game like Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Splinterlands. For TCG lovers who are looking for a fun strategy PvP game similar to Hearthstone but that also gives them a chance to sell their cards for real money. 


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