DeFi Kingdoms is a cross-chain gamified DEX and RPG. The first realm (now called “Serendale”) started out on Harmony while new expansions like “Crystalvale” on Avalanche have been announced. Players can earn, stake and provide liquidity for $JEWEL and $CRYSTAL, which are then used to buy limited NFT characters (heroes) which can be used to perform quests. New heroes can be generated by summoning (which requires two “parent” heroes of any gender) and each come with different stats, classes, professions and rarity levels. Questing allows players to obtain currency as well as other NFT items, for instance fish can be obtained by characters who are sent out fishing, herbs by those who are sent out foraging, ecc. By completing quests heroes can also gain experience and level up, which will supposedly increase their value when the PvP aspect of Defi Kingomds is released in 2022.

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Overall Rating


Pros and Cons

  • + Lovely retro pixel art
  • + Interesting and experimental concept that puts together a DEX and a game across different chains
  • + Very popular project and n°1 DEX on Harmony

  • – Most gameplay features yet have to be released
  • – Majority of earnings from liquidity pools is locked until July 2022, price might drop after they start unlocking

Is it worth playing?

Depends. We believe Defi Kingdoms has a lot of potential and the team has been delivering so far (and exceeding expectations). But the project is still at its infancy and heroes – which are required to play the game – are currently very overpriced. At present, if you want to make money, your best bet is to buy and stake $JEWEL rather than to actually play the game.

Similar games

Defi Kingdoms is an NFT game like Axie Infinity, Pokémon and Final Fantasy. For RPG lovers who enjoy breeding / training characters, completing quests and earning items. PvP battles will be released at some point in 2022.  


How to play DeFi Kingdoms

Getting Started

DeFi Kingdoms launched in July 2021 on the Harmony blockchain, but since then a new expansion has been announced on the Avalanche blockchain, releasing on Q1 2022 (and a further expansion to the Fantom blockchain is planned as well). The game will differ slightly depending on which chain you choose to play it on, which will give you access to a different “realm” (the titular “kingdoms”?). At present, the original Harmony release, which takes the name of Serendale, is where all the fun is at. In order to play, you will need a Harmony wallet (you can create one with MetaMask) and some $JEWEL (which you can purchase directly in-game if you have $ONE, the harmony native token). The DeFi Kingdoms website has an exaustive tutorial on how to get started. You will then be able to create and name your own character, which will give you access to the DEX functionalities of DFK (Marketplace, Gardens, Docks). Unfortunately, you won’t be able to send your own character doing quests, for which you will instead need to get your hands on a “hero” (limited NFT characters). You can buy or purchase a hero at the Tavern, although they can be quite pricey. As the game grows in popularity, more hero will be summoned by other players which may render the price more accessible.


Heroes will be your main assets in DeFi Kingdoms. They are utility NFTs necessary to play the game, for you can send them out to do quests, which will earn you $JEWEL, gold and other NFT items. Each hero also has its own stats, cosmetic features, classes and subclasses, and professions – which makes them unique and makes it so that some are rarer than others. A player with two heroes can “summon” another hero (“summoning” is the essentially a breeding system, but it does not require two heroes of opposite gender), the newly summoned hero can inherit traits from their “parents”.

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