Crypto Royale is a minimalist yet very fun browser game that allows you to earn $ROY. Each player is assigned a colored character which they control with the mouse, playing a sort of rock-paper-scissor survival game against other players (each of the three colors is weak against another). A typical game only lasts a few minutes and you get rewarded for winning a match, collecting in-game items or eliminating other players. As of recently you can also use $ROY to purchase and sell NFT skins. Crypto Royale has also gone through a cosmetic revamp lately which makes it look much more polished and accessible for people with vision impairment – all and all, the development team is doing a great job improving what’s an already perfectly functional, addictingly fun crypto game.


PvP Battle Royale













Very Easy

Overall Rating


Pros and Cons

  • + Fun and addictive
  • + Very accessible – only need browser to play
  • + Autostaking rewards

  • Small earnings per match, need to play a lot or win tournaments / NFTs to earn more

Is it worth playing?

Yes! Crypto Royale is a fun time-killer which can get addictive at times. Matches are short which means you can play this game even if you have a busy schedule. Mechanics are basic enough that you can learn as you play, but the game is so engaging that you’ll want to keep playing over and over. 

Similar games

Crypto Royale is an NFT game like Candy Crash. For casual gamers who enjoy a bit of competition and who want to earn a little bit of money in their spare time.


How to earn playing Crypto Royale

There are three main ways to earn $ROY by playing Crypto Royale: by playing (and preferably winning) a game in either ranked, staked or tournament mode; by fullfilling achievements during these games, and by collecting and trading NFT skins.

Ranked, staked and tournament mode

Ranked mode is free to play and allows players to earn small amounts of $ROY directly in-game by collecting boxes, killing other players or as a reward for being the last player standing (depending on the amount of players, there may be prizes for 2nd and 3rd place as well). In staked mode, the player can buy-in 3 or 40 $ROY and win up to 500x their initial stake, but other than that works the same as ranked mode. Tournaments are only available at given times and allow players to earn a score based on their placements, kills and skills while playing (you lose points when getting killed). Prizes are awarded depending on how many points a player has collected and who gets there first.


Players can unlock achievements and earn prizes accordingly when they play in ranked, staked or tournament modes. Below the current list of achievements as of December 2020:

Crypto Royale Achievement List
🐲YES5 ROYJabba The HutGrow to over 2000HP in size.
🚀NO2 ROYEdge To EdgeTouch all 4 walls within 2.5 seconds
🦵NO1 ROYLast LegsWin while critical.
🏆NO2 ROYTrophy HunterKilled all 3 colors in a game.
🙏NO2 ROYIt ain’t over till…Win after being critical for 10 seconds, when others weren’t.
NO4 ROYFrequent FlyerBoost 300 times in a single game.
💰NO8 ROYHoarderEnd the game with 1000+ HP.
YES1 ROYMexican StandoffOne player of each color alive, in a small circle.
🥱NO8 ROYLazy WinnerWin whilst having moved the least distance, in a 5+ player game.
🥋YES3 ROYEfficient WinnerWin a game without boosting at all.
🌠YES1 ROYBorn in DarknessSpend over 30 seconds in the darkness in one game.
🏁NO1 ROYDrag RaceBoth players in a 1v1 become critical within 3 seconds of start
NO1 ROYWell, that was fun…Loser in a game that lasted less than 2 seconds.
🥀YES1 ROYI don’t need your helpDie without ever being hit.
🎨NO0 ROYChameleonChange colors 20 times in one game.
⚪⚫NO6 ROYMonochromeWin 4+ player game without changing colors.
🌐YES1 ROYCircle Of LifeNever leave the circle in a 90+ second game.
NO10 ROYSuicide WatchWin a 5+ player game, where no one got a kill.
🥊NO1 ROYDie Die Die (Die)Bump the same player 4 times within 4 seconds.
🧑NO1 ROYPoint, CounterpointIn a 1v1, change colors 7 times each without hitting each other
🚔NO3 ROYSlow down there, BuddyWin a 1v1 against someone who has used 10x as many boosts as you have.
🌵NO1 ROYDehydrationKill only cyan enemies (at least 3) in one game.
🔥NO1 ROYDeforestationKill only yellow enemies (at least 3) in one game.
💧NO1 ROYFire extinguisherKill only magenta enemies (at least 3) in one game.
NO0 ROYHere comes TukiPick up 10 boxes without any gaps of over 2 seconds.
🔪NO4 ROYKillaGo on a 10 player kill streak.
📈YES1 ROYBack in businessGet a kill after dying 7 times in a row.
🥇NO8 ROYFeels Good ManGo on a 10 game winning streak.
🏳NO5 ROYF*** this, I’m going back to faucet/rankedLose 15 games in a row in a non-faucet mode.
🦗NO1 ROYForever aloneStay ready in a lobby, alone, for over 60 seconds.
🕶️YES2 ROYHello Darkness my old friendStay in the darkness without boosting for 15 seconds.
🧟YES1 ROYPerseveranceKeep playing despite a 10 death streak.
😱NO5 ROYImmortalsBe alive in a game that’s lasted over 200 seconds.
🐘🐁NO3 ROYSize doesn’t matterBump and steal HP from someone 100x larger than you.
🎾YES1 ROYPinballGet hit by a different enemy 3 times in under 3 seconds.
🎃NO2 ROYFreddy KruggerKill all opponents in a 4 player game.
🗡NO2 ROYPatrick BatemanKill all opponents in a 5 player game.
🪓NO7 ROYTed BundyKill all opponents in a 6 player game.
🎩🔪NO15 ROYJack The RipperKill all opponents in a 7 player game.
💀🧮NO20 ROYJoseph StalinKill all opponents in a 8 player game.
🧛NO2 ROYVampireSteal 1500HP from players in one game.
🩸YES2 ROYFeederLose 1500HP to others in one game.
YES4 ROYCan’t touch thisWin a 3+ player game without bumping into anyone.
🏟NO8 ROYTop DogWin a 10 player game.
🤏NO2 ROYI swear I wonMiss the jackpot by… actually, I swear I won!
🎯NO8 ROYNO WAY!Win a jackpot, for real this time.
🏹NO2 ROYIt’s not a bugLearn how to static boost.
NO1 ROYQuick DrawWin a 1v1 in under 2 seconds.
🧨NO12 ROYThanks GuysWin a 3 player game in under 4 seconds.
NO15 ROYWhere did everyone go?Win a 4 player game in under 6 seconds.
👑YES2 ROYKingslayerKill a player that’s on a 10+ kill streak
🏅NO1 ROYGit GudReach GOLD Tier (1300 ELO)
📈YES1 ROYMy First NickelWin 5 games
💯NO8 ROYThe CenturyWin 100 games
🏋️NO15 ROYA Ton of gamesWin 1000 games
😀️YES0 ROYJust getting startedPlay 10 games
😂YES1 ROYI’m not addictedPlay 100 games
😇NO35 ROYZing, Dedkolo and IPlay 5000 games
🐦🐦NO2 ROYTwo Pigeons, One BlobKill 2 enemies within 0.5 seconds
NO8 ROYTriple HeavenKill 3 enemies within 3.0 seconds
⚙️YES0 ROYFidget SpinnerSpin a wheel fed with 10+ boxes.
🎡NO2 ROYFerris WheelSpin a wheel fed with 100+ boxes.
💫NO4 ROYNeutron StarSpin a wheel fed with 1000 boxes.
🌧️NO2 ROYMake it RainDrop 30+ tips in a single game.
👋YES0 ROYHello?Say something using in-game chat.
🤐NO1 ROYBlabbermouthSay too much using in-game chat (get throttled by server)
🥊NO1 ROYFirst RivalryKill or be killed 10 times (total) by the same player.
💑NO4 ROYOld FriendsKill or be killed 100 times (total) by the same player.
🐦NO2 ROYPigeons10-0 or 0-10 record against a single player
🎮NO2 ROYPro GamerPlace in the top 5 of any tournament
🔫YES2 ROYCadet50+ lifetime kills.
🔫🔫NO5 ROYCaptain500+ lifetime kills.
🔫🔫🔫NO20 ROYGeneral5000+ lifetime kills.
👎🍀NO2 ROY(Un)lucky BoxesPick up 13 shiny boxes in a single game.
0️0️0️NO10 ROYLucky Customer #Win a game ending with 000, e.g. Game #234,000.
👨‍🎨YES1 ROYEscape ArtistWin a 5+ player game, despite having been hit (bad bumps) more than anyone else
🧙NO6 ROYHarry HoudiniWin a 5+ player game, despite having been hit more than everyone else COMBINED
🤓NO3 ROYBill GatesDrop 500 tips on the battlefield (total, not in a single game)
👩🏿NO3 ROYOprah WinfreyDrop at least one tip in a game, 100 times.


Crypto Royale skins come in 5 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Their function is mainly cosmetic, but some of them can also increase the amount of $ROY you receive while playing. Common skins are unlimited and therefore cheap, while other rarity levels are scarce and their price depends on how many are left in circulation. The price may vary between 400 and 79.400 $ROY. It is possible to find skins drops by playing matches and then sell them using the in-game NFT marketplace. It is currently not possible to sell Crypto Royale skins outside of the game.

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